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  Design and Projects
SMI Technical Office is equipped with the most advanced instruments to design and project of precision and high quality moulds. The high competence of SMI Technical Office enables SMI to solve in advance problems in the moulding process.

Advanced Equipment
SMI Technical Office studies, designs and projects moulds starting from the idea, from the draw and technical characteristics required by the Client. SMI also suggests the more suited material and the more efficient moulding methodology depending on the Client requests. Depending on the articles specifications SMI technical office uses different technologies and specifications.
SMI technical office is equipped with the most advanced technology:

- CAD 2D: AUTOCAD 2002

SMI Clients can communicate with SMI using email, in order to share information in the most common extensions: IGES, DXF, STEP, DWG.

Detailed Documentation
SMI Clients, who request only the production of the mould, could also ask for detailed technical documentation explaining the moulding process and the characteristic of the mould. The documentation specifies in details the usage of the mould, the maintenance works, how to obtain the top performance from the mould.

SMI Technical Office projects moulds used everywhere in the world, showing worldwide professionalism, quality and politeness all distinctive habits of SMI way of doing business for more than 40 years. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask questions and request an offer.
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