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  THERMOSETTINGS production line

SMI Thermosettings Production Line has the ability to produce large quantities of technical articles, with high quality levels, allowing SMI to export worldwide.

Production strength of SMI counts on 30 presses to mould with transfer and compression technology. The power of SMI machines ranges from 100 Tons to 350 Tons. SMI products have been over the years a worldwide reference of quality within the market of gas meter and gas regulators and are growing marking the petrol pump market. SMI supplies worldwide leaders.

Worldwide presses 30
Power range
100 Ton - 350 Ton
Moulding compound consumption
1200 Ton/anno


SMI Thermosetting production line uses Raw Material with the highest international standards: phenol resins filled with carbon, mineral and graphite.

SMI production could also include particulars such as: proofing ring (also with syntherised metal inserts) used in gas meter, petrol pumps and others. Articles are considered completed after terminal treatment (stabilisation/normalisation), mechanic treatments, lapping. Thanking to these procedures the parts reach tolerances within 3 micron in terms of dimensional stability and measures.

Thermosettings production line is continuously monitored by Quality Control department using the most advanced and precise instruments. In order to complete SMI services a technical sheet is given to each Client explaining the characteristics and the quality of the article in relation to the technical characteristics reported in the draw.

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