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  THERMOPLASTICS production line

SMI Thermoplastics Production Line has the ability to produce large quantities of technical articles, with high quality levels, allowing SMI to export worldwide.

Production strength of SMI counts on 20 presses to mould with power ranging from 45 Tons to 300 tons. SMI presses give the capacity of Moulding large quantities with high quality level.

Worldwide presses
Power range
45 Ton - 300 Ton
Moulding compound consumption
450 Ton/anno

SMI Thermoplastics production line is able to mould technical articles ranging from few grams up to 3 Kgs.

SMI production is completely automatic: SMI machines check the quality of the moulding compound, control that all the moulding parameters have been respected, robot with manipulators grab the parts and fit them inside the boxes. The process is total and complete starting from raw material ending with parts fitted in the box.

SMI quality control department overlook that the quality is respected during all the process. The production is continuously monitored with high precision quality control instruments. In order to complete SMI services a technical sheet is given to each Client explaining the characteristics and the quality of the article in relation to the technical characteristics reported in the drawing.

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