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  Quality Control

SMI works applying Total Quality. SMI Quality Control department has been active for many years in 1995 SMI obtained the certification UNI ISO EN 9001 with certification number SQ0634-IT from DNV GL.
In october 2009 SMI has obtanied the certification ISO 9001.
SMI quality control department adhere with ISO 2859 (quality in relation to quantity produced) and ISO 2859 (limit quality acceptance).

In addition quality control files and analyse all the data from the production continuously trying to improve production processes in terms of quality and efficiency.

Tolerances and specific characteristics are analysed using different kind of instruments and statistical calculations:

- Histograms
- Pareto Analysis
- Production Capacity Detectors: Cp and Cpk
- Processes statistical analysis


Outperforming our own sector
Strict parameters and correspondence to draw measures between moulded article and Client technical design, oblige SMI to monitor constantly and consistently the measures and not many suppliers can guarantee such a professional and reliable service.

SMI has been investing over the years in technology within the group. SMI quality control department has the most advanced technology:

- Optical Control Machine
- Touching Probe Machine
- Laser Control Machine
- Hardness Control Machine
- Measures Control Machine
- Digital Instruments

Quality Control Documentation
Final quality control complete SMI service. For every pack SMI produces a quality control report sheet containing the characteristics of the product.

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