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  Regulators and Assembling

SMI Regulation and Assembling line department focuses on designing and producing regulators and in assembling parts moulded within SMI in order to give a more complete service to our Clients. The strengths of SMI grew in the ability related to craftsmanship abilities, which can only be found in years of experience and investments in building up know-how.

It is a service that finishes the job giving Clients something in addition to solve their problems and answer their special requests.

SMI regulators department assembles regulators for liquids to measure flow and level, flux meters for liquids and other materials. It also produces balancing machines and other hardware from 0,75 Kg to 61 Kg. Clients are usually very large companies, which take advantage of SMI flexibility, efficiency and reliability, to externalise some productions.

SMI regulation and assembling line is continuously monitored from SMI Quality Control Department using the most advanced technology.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask questions and request an offer.

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