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  Precision Moulding

SMI Tool Room is the best partner to realise every kind of high precision mould. SMI Tool Room is specialised in the production of top quality moulds for Thermosettings, Thermoplastics, and Diaphragms.

SMI produces moulds using extra hard steel, applying mosaic techniques with a composition of inserts. Our moulds are refined with electro-erosion to obtain very high level of resistance.

Check out how to start from the design to the electro-erosion with wire.

Strength and Quality

SMI Tool Room works in synergy with SMI technical office and together with the Client. Our department also supply an accurate study about the technique used to produce the mould in line with the most advanced technologies. For more than 40 years SMI Tool Room works at the service of the more needful Clients within the global market. SMI moulds are highly sophisticated so can comply with any specification requests.


SMI Tool Room uses projecting techniques with CAD and works using CAM, assuring high precision, quality and punctuality realising the mould. In addition SMI has a technological and technical support in order to: build, design and modify moulds. For example:

- Electro-erosion CNC with wire or immersion
- Milling Machine with 3 Axes CNC
- Automatic Vertical Turning Lathe CNC
- Drilling Machine with Screen
- Grinding Wheel CNC

SMI checks constantly its quality level using quality control instruments such as Optical and Touching Probes.

A service for life
The service of SMI Tool Room goes on after the construction of the mould. SMI has been in the market for more than 40 years and has intention to remain for many more years. Clients could choose a complete service - all included - comprehensive of maintenance and modifications or can contact SMI when a problem occurs. SMI Tool Room has a strong reputation of punctuality and consistency in its services. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask questions and request an offer.
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