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SMI TP s.a.

SMI TP s.a. started in 2003 and quickly acquired competence moulding thermoplastics. SMI TP became in few months a reference point for moulding thermoplastics in South America.

SMI TP s.a. represents the will of SMI to offer a warranty of continuous production for every need SMI Clients may need, wherever SMI Clients go SMI will be able to be the reliable supplier is known to be. SMI TP has production capacity for moulding large quantities maintaining high quality standards.

Head office/Production

Av. 16 de julio 653 -
6725 Carmen de Areco
Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
tel. +54 2273 440110
fax +54 2273 440108

The disposition of SMI Clients and SMI geographical position helps SMI in order to satisfy in the best way the needs to produce for the South American Market.

SMI developed its projects together with its Clients maintaining high professionalism and precision working.

Strengths of the firm, technological structure, assistance and courtesy identify SMI and SMI services in Argentina as in all other places in the world.