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  SMI Messeinrichtungen und Industrieservice Gmbh

Falling the period of the reunification of Germany SMI gmbh starts its activity.

In 1992 SMI gmbh started moulding thermosettings for gas meter producers domestic and industrial.

In the heart of Europe
Production capacity of SMI gmbh and the strategic position, in the center of Europe, enabled SMI gmbh to supply technical parts for the major European industries.


Head office/Production

Gothaer Stra´┐Że 5
Neudietendorf GERMANIA
tel. +49 03 62 02-8 23 03 - 04
fax +49 03 62 02-9 03 61

In 1996 SMI gmbh obtained UNI EN ISO 9001. SMI gmbh production enables SMI group to optimise the supply of components for the major European gas meters producers.
SMI gmbh has the ability to produce large quantities of technical articles, with high quality levels, allowing SMI to export worldwide.

Strengths of the firm, technological structure, assistance and courtesy identify SMI and SMI services in Argentina as in all other places in the world.